Is that satety keeping on charging all night?

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Many people used to charge with their smart phone all night, and there are rumors that the long time charging will damage the capacity and service life of battery in a long term used, moreover, influence the mobile phone.
However, Kyle Weinness, the principal of electronic products dismantluling agency said that it will not affect the battery service life charging all night.
Vernes believes that each lithium battery has its fixed charge cycle, this period refers to the smart phone battery can be carried out before the apparent degradation of the full number of times. Therefore, the chage times will influence the battery but not the charging time. General the battery is ok to support 400 charge cycle which at least to ensure the phone about one year and a half using time.
However, charging all night does’t mean it is safe, the security risks such as the battery overheating is also a huge problem.
So choose a safe charger is very import.
Here are our private design charger, which quality qualified wit CE/ROHS standard.

JL-M082 详情

1. Charger over voltage protection
2. Charger over-current protection
3. The charging circuit protection
4. Batteries as the overcharge protection
5. Batteries discharge protection
6. The electric core over current protection


Provide a safety suurounding for you and your family.

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JL-M083 PD Wall Charger (1)

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