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The accumulator lose power related to it?

Using the car charger improperly, will cause big trouble.

With the development of the tecnology, the inteligent device now has become an importante parte in our daily life. Many people feel nervioswhen their phone or other device is with low electricity, such a sickness” phobia”. So, whether a car can offer charging function is becoming more and more important nowadays.

The “Low electricity Phobia” is a Generalized urban disease 

The improper using of the car charger will affected the accumulator ?

If our car has been equipped with the USB function, it will be more convenient to charge.

If not, the cigarette lighter interface can help us to do that.

By the way, the improper using of the car charger will affected the accumulator ? It is true?

Now. Let’s find out some errors and the prohibition when using the car USB and the car charger.

What are the errors and the prohibition?

Error 1. All USB interfaces are suitable for charging?

Not all the USB interfaces are suitable for charging.

In fact, most of the car USB interface limits the current flow, So the current interface is divided into two kinds, 5V/0.5A and 5V/1A. In this moment, if you choose the wrong interface, not only easy to cause the mobile phone to burn, but also cost a long time to charge. Finally will seriously affect the mobile phone battery life.

Error 2. All kinds od the car charger can be used directly

The copy car charger cause short circuit or even self-ignition

Nowadays, the car charger isn’t with the new tecnology. It is powered by a cigarette lighter, and the voltage must be converted from 12V to 5V. The copy car charger is all over the market, which will cause short circuit or even self-ignition. For that, when buying a new charger, must be more careful.

Error 3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pull the car after cutoff

Not pull the car after cutoff for a long time will damage battery/accumulator.

After the car cut off, some owners may foget to pull out the charger. Although there are no current output at present, the people is not necesarry to worry about the loss of electricity.

For a long time, it will still have a certain impact on the car’s accumulator. In order to avoid this problem, it is importante for us to cultivate a good habit of pulling out the charger in time after charging..

Error 4. The car charger needs to be pulled out after power cut, otherwise it is easy to burn.

In fact, the burning of car charger has happened before, but it is an event with small probability. So there are more demand for the quality of car charger and anti shock ability. As a matter of fact, each car has different requirements in this aspect, not all car chargers need to be pe pulled out after power cut. Just determine when plug in and pull out according to the requirements of the car.

Error 5. It’s OK to navigate when the cell phone is charging with USB.

As we have mentioned before, most of the car USB interface limits the current flow. And in the daily life, many people are used to navigating when the cell phone is charging with USB. But why the electity is less and less?
Actually, most of the car USB interface is designed to transmit data, although it shows that the device is charging, the current only is about 0.5A. When you are listening or navigating, the amount of electricity consumed per unit time is actually greater than the charge. So there will be no rise, just reduce.
In the future,don’t plug the charger casually. Use it properly after knowing more about it. Sometimes unreasonable ways of using it will not help the electronic products charger quicky, but cause a serious damage to it.

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