car charger released in Oct,2017.We shown them in HK fair and Canton fair later.

JL-U808 (3)

Many good feedbacks from our old customers and new customers.Right now,Miccell charger already sold to USA,Mexico,France,Russia,Italy,Poland,Austria,Peru etc..
Orginal design by veaqee team,looks luxuorious,unique and exclusive in market.

JL-U731 (4)

PCB board developed by our own engineers,2.4A big output charge your cellphone/tablet faster and safer.brand support you on packing and advertising,what do you think below packing design?

Some people have some misunderstanding or confusion about China, that China can provide low-cost labor force. But it isn’t the main reason for Apple to choose the made in China.
At the Guangzhou 2017 · Fortune Global Forum, the CEO Cook emphasized that China possess the best technology, tools, material and the skills, which are the best support for their products.
Besides, China is the center of most innovative entrepreneur in the world.

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Cook stressed that Apple is not concerned about the low cost, but rather the innovation, as well as quality suppliers. The biggest attraction is the quality of talent in China.
The innovation, talent, quality is the core competitiveness for each company.
Jiale aims to do it better and better always and be one of your quality supplier

Nowadays, more and more people cannot leave mobile in daily life, but many practices will demage your mobile phone and will make it shot to use.

QC3.0 and 2.1A 28 Watt Charger dual USB

1. charging whole night.
when you charge, some of the mobiles will cut off charging when full power, but the APP in phone are still running, so if you want to length your mobile, it would be better to close those APP then charging.

JL-M206 (5)

2. Frequently charging
people will charge in many times, it would make the connector attrited.
3. charging when there is none power
it is better to charge your phone when 10% power of your phone.
4. Using the bad quality charger
Every mobile is deisgned in different cases, so the charger will be deisgn differently according to it. it would be better to buy oringinal charger or hight quality chargers.
5. charging around high or lower tempereture
Tempereture will influence charging, charging speed will slow in low tempreture, if in high surrounding, battery may broken.

JL-M089 (6)

6. using phone and charging at the same time
7.Don’t using phone for a long time
We suggest to charge although you don’t use your phone for a long time, it will keep the battery long life to use.

In our daily life,sometime find the cell phone can’t get into power, how to find the reason ? here has some ways,
1. check the socket switch at first,Make sure your power switch is on and the plug is not loose
2.Check smartphone body charging port is clogged or too much dust, easily lead to bad charging line! Mobile phones often put into pockets or bags, which can cause small particles to clog the charge port!
3.If the socket swith and charing port are ok, maybe the USB data cable has problem,as this you need change other usb cable to test

JL-U599-QC (6)

4.First try to connect the mobile phone to the computer, if can be charged, but do not use the charger, maybe the problem in the charger.
5.If the charger and cable are good, also can be charged for other new mobile phone.maybe the problem in the battery of cell phone.

JL-M087 (4)

In market, wireless charger only support Samsung brand cellphone before.
With the improvement of technology and command is increasing on wireless charging, apple company also released new series cellphone with wireless charging function-iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone X.

JL-WC215 (4)

New wireless charger is adapted in both big brand cell phones now, and for some other brands.

JL-WC215 (3)

When the power of your cellphone is lower than 15%, just put your cellphone on wireless charger. You do not need to looking for home charger or USB data cable, it is more convenient.

JL-WC216 (3)

Many people used to charge with their smart phone all night, and there are rumors that the long time charging will damage the capacity and service life of battery in a long term used, moreover, influence the mobile phone.
However, Kyle Weinness, the principal of electronic products dismantluling agency said that it will not affect the battery service life charging all night.
Vernes believes that each lithium battery has its fixed charge cycle, this period refers to the smart phone battery can be carried out before the apparent degradation of the full number of times. Therefore, the chage times will influence the battery but not the charging time. General the battery is ok to support 400 charge cycle which at least to ensure the phone about one year and a half using time.
However, charging all night does’t mean it is safe, the security risks such as the battery overheating is also a huge problem.
So choose a safe charger is very import.
Here are our private design charger, which quality qualified wit CE/ROHS standard.

JL-M082 详情

1. Charger over voltage protection
2. Charger over-current protection
3. The charging circuit protection
4. Batteries as the overcharge protection
5. Batteries discharge protection
6. The electric core over current protection


Provide a safety suurounding for you and your family.

Choose us, we are the best partner who you can trust.

JL-M083 PD Wall Charger (1)

It suppose you would not put out the charger after charging your mobile phone. There are some influence result about using charger in such way.
1. Althought you don’t charge your phone, but the PCB board are still on,it will consume the power.
2. it exsist some damage, if charger are in low quality, it would be very hot and broken to cause spontaneous combustion.
So a qualified charger is important for us to using. Jiale design a new charger in good control for circut output and current protect.
Outlook is durable for color match, it is very fashional.

JL-U599-QC (6)

The PCB board is in good control function to protect charging when the power of phone is full.

QC3.0 Quick Charger EU pin